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In celebration of National Prosecco Day (13th August) this is a limited time selection of our favourite Proseccos.


  • Botter Prosecco, DOC Spumante 11% - a fresh Prosecco offering a lot of fresh fruit flavours and delicate bubbles 
  • Botter Prosecco Asolo DOCG Superiore, 11% - straw yellow in colour, beautifully balanced wine with delicate fruity notes
  • La Fornarina Prosseco, 11% - a slightly sweet and particularly fruity wine.
  • Nua Prosecco, 11% - an elegant and crisp Prosecco with a fruity boquet of citrus and tropical fruits.
  • Divici Prosecco, 11% - an extra dry Prosecco with a delicate creamy foam.


All bottles are 75cl.

Prosecco Selection Box


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