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Vibrant purple robe. The nose is a complex blend of ripe fruit, chocolate and spices. The balanced flavour is well structured. The tannins are elegant and a slight flavour of toasted hazelnuts accompanies the finish.


The Colchagua Valley is one of the most important and active wineproducing regions in Chile. The low height of the coastal hills of Colchagua enables the sea breezes from the Pacific to interact with the winds coming off the Andes, cooling the valley and extending the region’s ripening period, which helps to preserve acidity in the grapes and produce reds with excellent colour, astounding freshness and very good ageing potential. 


The Las Niñas vineyard is firmly rooted in Apalta, in the heart of Colchagua. It has been certified organic since 2017. To combat weeds naturally before the vines start to grow, they use sheep. The partial weed control done by the animals helps to retain humidity in the soil, recycle nutritive elements and prevent erosion. In turn, sheep droppings provide natural fertiliser for the plants.



Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans


Las Niñas Mapuche Carmenère - Syrah


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